Sunday 30 December 2012

Christmas Nails - Purple Nail Jewellery

I thought I would start my blog with my Christmas nails. In search of inspiration, I asked my son what colour and he replied (rather predictably) "purple". Delighted with his response, I knew this was a perfect opportunity to try out A England Avalon and the purple Nails Inc nail jewellery, Royal Opera Arcade.

Avalon is a stunning purple, went on smoothly and one coat would probably have been sufficient. I used two coats. This picture is taken without a top coat since glitter was going straight on top. Normally I like to have the varnish on for a few days and then add some form of glitter or special effect but time was limited. It's a shame since this is such a beautiful colour and I will certainly be returning to this one very soon.
 The Amethyst nail jewellery, Royal Opera Arcade, was also easy to apply with a good spread of glitter that dried quickly. I fell in love with this the idea of glitter as soon as I knew it existed, before I had even seen it and it did not disappoint. The manicure lasted well, we were away from home for Christmas so I needed something that would look good for a few days and I had this on for 6 days, with only one small chip and minimal tip wear when I removed it. The texture was quite rough so I used two layers of top coat.
Removal was typically frustrating taking about an hour, but I did love the effect so it was worth it.

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