Thursday 20 June 2013

Pocket Money Polishes My Girl

Something really special for you today, my very first ever Indie, and what's more, it is a UK Indie!
I saw this blogged by lovely Charlotte on So You Beauty and I thought it was so pretty I ordered one within minutes of seeing it! It arrived the next day and I have been wearing it since Monday, but have been so busy with other stuff I really didn't want to rush my posting.
I chose Nails Inc Pembridge Crescent as my base, and I think this grey lilac makes a beautiful base for this polish.
This is Pocket Money Polishes My Girl and it is such a pretty polish. It is a mix of grey and pink hexes and lots of tiny microglitter that pick up all sorts of colours and I absolutely love it!
It painted on well, glitter distribution was good and it dried quickly too. I wore it with one coat for a day and then added a second coat. I like it both ways, the final pic is with one coat, the rest are two coats of glitter.
This is her one of her first polishes and if this is anything to go by, I think she has success on her hands.
Pocket Money Polishes My Girl
Pocket Money Polishes - My Girl
 Pocket Money Polishes My GirlPocket Money Polishes My Girl
Pocket Money Polishes My Girl
 Pocket Money Polishes My Girl
 and this was with one coat of My Girl.
Pocket Money Polishes My Girl

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  1. I'm only just catching up on blog reading & commenting! yay this is so beautiful on the grey!! thanks for the mention. My girl was my first indie too xx