Sunday 28 July 2013

Wonder Wave by Drops Design - knitted cardigans for my nieces

I have just completed the latest knitting request from my sister, in the nick of time!
My deadline was this week, to make two cardigans for my nieces to wear to a wedding. No problem I thought, I'd done the pattern before, it'll be simple...
... or maybe not, "we'd like them in navy blue, please" says my sister. Of course unless you are in good light you can't see any mistakes and I'd forgotten how tricky this pattern can be. It is actually a very simple set of 4 rows, repeated, 13 stitches repeated, but if you forget to wrap the wool round between stitches its 4 rows later that you spot you have a missing stitch! Its one of those where you really have to concentrate.

These are lovely little cardigans, by Drops Design. I found the pattern on Ravelry (I love Ravelry!!) and the simple repeat pattern results in a pretty scalloped wavy effect.
Knitted on 4mm needles, I used a 500g ball of Faircroft Junior, 100% acrylic in Navy. I have used this wool before for this pattern in a pretty lilac shade (easier to spot mistakes) and it washes well and is soft on little ones skin.

The pattern does get a bit tricky when you set the sleeves in, especially using straight needles as I had no doubled ended needles in the right size, but I got there in the end and I just hope my sister and her girls like them. I love the wavy pattern you get with this design, the way it decreases at the yoke, continuing the waves right up to the neckline and it sits well over a pretty summer dress or Tshirt & leggings.


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  1. These are beautiful - a real work of art. Very lucky nieces (and sister)!