Friday 17 January 2014

Nails Inc Queen Victoria Street

It's green, very green and I wanted it from when I first saw it on QVC! There'd been quite a bit of chat about the NEED for a green that was the green equivalent of Nails Inc Baker Street, super vibrant and then Nails Inc brought out Queen Victoria Street.
It is beautiful, it's a tricky green to describe, not as green as grass, but it really is a true green. Unfortunately most of my pics and a lot of swatches I looked at when googling have it as a much bluer green. I think there is a the tiniest amount of blue tinge that takes it in the peppermint direction but really this is just a beautiful vibrant green creme.
Nails Inc describe it as emerald, but even the pics on their web site look bluer than my nails, and when I googled Pantone emerald, that colour is a touch bluer too.
Anyway, as usual with Nails Inc, it applied well, virtually opaque in one coat, perfect with two coats.
The only picture that really captured the colour correctly was the one taken indoors with a flash, the rest are bluer than real life I'm afraid. No matter what colour I put with it, I could not persuade the camera to see green - very frustrating!
Nails Inc Queen Victoria Street
Nails Inc Queen Victoria Street - taken with flash
Nails Inc Queen Victoria Street
Nails Inc Queen Victoria Street
The bluest shot of all!

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