Wednesday 26 August 2015

August Challenge - how long can a mani last?

Well, for the first 2 weeks of August we were on holiday in Turkey which was lovely. It was hot and we didn't do much but that was perfect as I really needed a rest!
I didn't sign up to do any challenges in August - the big challenge was could the mani I did at the end of July last for 2 weeks?
I went for nude with a glitter, which I always do for holidays - nude so that growth wouldn't look too bad and any chips would be less noticeable, glitter to hide chips and scratches and because it was going to be sunny and it would sparkle!
Well, I am pleased to say that Leighton Denny Have it Your Grey and Bourjois Rainbow Apparition lasted really well. There was a small amount of tip wear, more on my right hand but other than that I think it still looked pretty good.
I got tagged for #mynailsandmydrink and I also did #mynailsandmybook just to amuse myself!! Like I said, it was a restful holiday!
I kept up with my Instagram as well as I could, given slightly patchy Wifi, and decided that I really did want to do some nail challenges once I got home, despite the huge backlog of proper work that needed to be done.
I decided I would catch up with all the #clairestelle8august prompts - I am going to do one brief blog of all of them in a couple of days, otherwise I'll be blogging day and night!
Any way, here are the holiday nail pics
right hand after 2 weeks
left hand after 2 weeks


  1. I am glad to know that the trip you had in Turkey was a good rest for you! I would love to go there someday myself :D And I am impressed that the nail manicure lasted for that long! Now we know it is a good quality product ;)

    1. it was lovely although we should have tried to see more, certainly we'd go again at a cooler time of year !