Friday 30 December 2016

Nail Crazies Unite - Ugly Sweater

This week's prompt was Ugly Sweater. I do have a few Christmas Sweater plates but I just received a new one along with a whole lot of beautiful pates from Messy Mansion so I had to try this one.
I had ordered three of the new XL plates (the knitty ones of course) but the lovely Messy Mansion people sent me seven other plates to review - this must have been my best Christmas present!!!
MM82XL has 12 images on it, all really large and actually since I had just cut my nails down, larger than I needed but I always love large images as I can use parts of an image. There are 2 sweater images on the plate, one is virtually a negative of the other which is great, I always love that option and because my nails are so short I was able to use the top and bottom parts of each image to create different images on 4 nails.
I had a dark red gel base on (I thought it was black when I bought it) so I went with the bright limey green 2 True Arete for the stamping. The images stamped really nicely. I did have to swipe sideways to get the full image on the "negative" pattern, when I went up or down I didn't spread the polish well enough but I loved how these looked when I had finisged and quite frankly, not "ugly" at all!!
Messy Mansion MM82XL
Messy Mansion MM82XL
 Messy Mansion MM82XL
 Messy Mansion MM82XL


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