Thursday 16 March 2017

26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Spring Animals

I thought of bunnies and chicks for Spring but I think maybe that's Easter...a Spring animal is any baby animal that's born in the Spring?
Anyway, I went with the cute animals on the Bundle Monster Fuzzy and Ferocious Forest plate, BM - S167. Even if they aren't Spring animals, they are cute and the fanbrush base used pretty springy sort of colours, I think.
So, the base is three HJ Manicure polishes, Pink Champagne, Turquoise Sea and Lavender.
Then I stamped a selection of the cute animals with Bundle Monster BM-S167 and Moyou London Black Knight.
As usual I had some issues with capturing these cuties on camera and had to resort to the trusty matte top coat.
Bundle Monster BM-S167
Bundle Monster BM-S167
Bundle Monster BM-S167