Monday 12 June 2017

26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Water

This week's prompt was Water.
I am afraid this is a very brief post - very busy week.
I used Bundlemonster BM-XL210 + Sloteazzy and Barry M Guava over Barry M Scuba to create a watery background (sorry no step by step shots again this week)
Then I stamped Bundlemonster BM-XL209 + Lucy's Stash with Messy Mansion Delft Blue and Amalfi Coast. I don't think the contrast was sufficient to see both layers. It was visible to the naked eye, and slightly more visible on the matte version.
Bundlemonster BM-XL209 + Lucy's Stash
Bundlemonster BM-XL209 Lucy's Stash
Bundlemonster BM-XL209 + Lucy's Stash

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