Friday 4 October 2013

Why I blog...

I can't paint my nails at the moment as one of my kittens clawed a couple of fingers while I was rescuing him from climbing somewhere he shouldn't have been. No lasting damage to kitten or nails but I am not brave enough to go near the wounds with nail varnish remover so I thought I'd finish this post I'd started a while ago.

I thought I'd write a little bit about why I started my blog...

A few of my friends had seen my knitting pics and my nails and suggested a blog.

I thought it would be a nice way of recording what I had done, like a diary with comments about what worked and what didn't, both for knitting and nails for me to refer to as much as for anyone else.

As I got really into nail painting about 2 years ago, I got very frustrated about some varnishes that you just can't find swatches for. I am in a few swap groups and the first thing I do when I see something I think I like is google the name (well who doesn't). Often a whole raft of images will appear and you have a much clearer idea of whether you will actually like the polish when it arrives, but sometimes there is nothing or a whole bunch of totally unrelated images appear, not helpful!! So I naively thought I could plug a small part of that gap!
Imagine my disappointment when I realised that google doesn't quite work like that. I had to spend quite some time figuring out why other peoples pictures came up and mine didn't. I even resorted to asking my husband for some help (he's a bit of an IT geek, so whilst he doesn't really get the whole nail varnish thing, he did help a bit).
So I read about making your blog sticky, and putting in hyperlinks and tagging the pictures, and then eventually one day, I googled something and there was my picture!!! Excited?? You bet!!!
Nails Inc Great Portland Street was the first one that actually that finally made it onto the google images page and I just tried it now, I come up as the 1st and 2nd pic, in fact 6 of the first 14 pics are me me me!!!
Well, that's me excited! Anyway, its a bit of fun!

And finally, when I started this blog I had a bit of time on my hands so why not. It was the Christmas holidays, we were all ill with some rotten bug so we were confined to the house, kids on the TV, playstation etc, husband reading some geeky science podcast, what's a girl to do? So on 30th December  2012 Knitty Nails was born, with my Christmas nails.
Then in February I started a part time job and it's now not so easy to find the time to paint and blog regularly, and the arrival of 2 lovely kittens in June meant that I don't knit quite as much as I used to, but I do my best and I think I've managed to blog about once a week.

So there we go, that's why :) I don't have hundreds of followers or get thousands of hits a day but I think I have achieved a bit of what I set out to do, I enjoy it and I love getting comments :)


  1. Hi Debbie, it really is great to know how you began your blogging life and learnt new things in the process. I enjoy reading your blog although I don't always comment. Take care.