Wednesday 6 November 2013

Cabled Boot Toppers

I have just finished a small knitting project which I had planned to do in the spring but got waylaid by other things. Anyway these are perfect for Autumn, going into winter.
It seemed to me last winter there was a bit of a revival of the old leg warmer, and then a variation on the theme came the boot topper so having knitted umpteen pairs of gloves, I thought I'd give these a try.
There are a lot of lovely patterns out there but the pattern I chose is a pretty simple one. As usual I found it on Ravelry. The pattern I chose was Wavy Cable Boot Toppers by Robin Nickerson, but I did do a bit of adapting.
The pattern called for waves, but I went for the twisted rope like form of cable so I did back cables each time rather then alternating back and forwards. I used Stylecraft Life Chunky in Olive (100g ball) and 5mm needles. 100g wasn't enough, but that was all I had so I did the hidden part in some old Aran wool I had stashed away, 200g would have been plenty.
They were quick and easy to do and I think there are two ways to wear them, folded down as they were designed to be worn or more like a leg warmer. This works with my short boots as it gives the illusion of a longer boot, great if you are wearing a short skirt.
The pictures aren't great, not that easy to photograph your own feet!
Boot Topper folded down
Boot Topper alternative, tucked into boot
Boot Topper with left overs used for the hidden part.

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