Monday 10 March 2014

Pocket Money Polishes un-named blue glitter (The One I love)

Quite a sad little post today. This is a very pretty polish but it's from Pocket Money Polishes,and Charlie has stopped making polishes so there won't be any more of these glitter babies :(
My Girl by Pocket Money Polishes was my first ever Indie polish, and nothing that I ever bought from Charlie disappointed me. Every single glitter baby was beautiful!
Today's polish is unique as Charlie made it up for me just after she had closed Pocket Money Polishes, so it doesn't have a name, other than "blue glitter"!
This is a mix of silver hexes, blue, dark blue and teal hexes and smaller hexes also in blue, dark blue and teal. It is so pretty and sparkly in the bottle and when I was looking for a glitter to put on top of Icy Snow, I knew this was the one! Icy Snow is a blue thermal, with a turquoise shimmer and it makes a perfect backdrop for this glitter and I am really pleased with how it looks.
I particularly like it when I catch sight of the thermal gradient with the glitter, just lovely! but its also really cool to see the glitter against a constantly changing base.
I think it should have a name, all Charlie's polishes were named after songs, so I am going to call it "The One I love". R.E.M is my most favourite band ever!
Pocket Money Polishes The One I love


  1. I adore the name you've given it :D Looks beautiful here too. I'll try and get you a label printed up for it at some point. Thank you for such a lovely post.