Sunday 20 July 2014

Leighton Denny Best Seller

As far as I can remember, today's polish is the only one I have ever owned, sold and then re-bought!
I originally bought a set of Leighton Denny's Top 5 sellers from QVC back in 2011, but I sold this one on straight away as it wasn't my colour. Best Seller is red, and back then I absolutely didn't do red!
Well, almost 3 years have passed, and last month Best Seller was one of the "freebies" in Harpers Bazaar. A friend in one of my facebook groups was wearing this and I thought how lovely it looked, and wished I hadn't sold it. I stopped by W H Smiths in my local town on the off chance and found 1 copy of the mag, and it was the right one, so I snapped it up.
I wasn't sure when I was actually going to wear it but I didn't have a mani planned for yesterday so I asked my husband what colour I should wear. "Red" he said straight away, and there was Best Seller sitting in the untried pile so that's what I put on.
My first thought as it hit the nail- this is not red! I actually think this is a very dark pink, a real deep raspberry shade, and if I was going to wear something in the red spectrum it would certainly be on this side of red.
This painted on nicely in 2 coats, and dried quickly. It has a very pretty shimmer and is packed with tiny pinky/red sparkling glitter. I actually think I may have 3 or 4 other quite similar polishes (but not the same of course!) and when I get the chance I'll do a quick comparison.
I really wouldn't call this red, hubby thinks it is, so he is happy, but I still see pink! and I happened to be wearing a cerise pink top yesterday, I think they go great together. It does look a little more red in these pictures, but either way, its a lovely intense colour, I can see why it is in LD's top 5 and I am very happy to have it back in my collection.
Leighton Denny Best Seller
Leighton Denny Best Seller
 Leighton Denny Best Seller
 Leighton Denny Best Seller


  1. Loving this cranberry shade in the sunshine :D Do you ever wear an ugly polish?! I have to say I always have drying issues with LD - do you ever have this problem?

    1. no problems with this one but I do with some shades, Your Planet or Mine is the worst! I find his formulas vary a lot with colour, more so than I've noticed with any other brand.
      Ugly?? One woman's ugly is another woman's most beautiful :)