Friday 17 February 2017

26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Blue Floral

I am having such a lot of fun trying to master the "blank" image on the Lina Stamping plate, Lina Make Your Mark 03 that I think background gradients will feature on a lot of my manis.
It is so much less messy than using a sponge for a gradient and as I only ever using a gradient as a background for stamping the results I am getting are encouraging and acceptable.
This time I used two blues- A England Tristam and A England Dancing with Nureyev.
Then I added flowers from Lina Make Your Mark 03 with Esmaltes da Kelly Wendy, and then a second layer of flowers with Lina 4 Seasons - Spring 01 and A England Natasha's Dance.
This was one of those manis that parts of the stamping were invisible to the camera at certain angles but overall I think the effect was quite pretty and of course being blue I really did like it!
I included a shot part way through to show the steps although I was a bit pushed for time so I did not do a a full step by step collage.
Partial blue floral mani
Blue Floral with Lina 4 Seasons - Spring 01
Blue Floral with Lina 4 Seasons - Spring 01
Blue Floral with Lina 4 Seasons - Spring 01 
Blue Floral with Lina 4 Seasons - Spring 01


  1. They are gorgeous! Love all those pretty blues. That blank image sounds fun...I was late in ordering, so I'm waiting (not so patiently) for next month's stock. Till then, I will enjoy seeing yours!

    1. thank you, I think I am getting there with the blank image :) hope yours arrives soon!

  2. So pretty! I really love how the dark blue flowers kind of fade into the darker parts of the gradient.