Saturday 17 February 2018

26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Love, but no pink or red

This week's prompt was Love, but no red or pink so I have gone with blue, green and grey.
I started with a base of a new thermal, 'Ard As Nails Umbrella which is a medium denim blue when cool and pale grey when warm.
I stamped my favourite image from Dixie Plates Love 2018 - the patchwork heart image with Esmaltes da Kelly Frogger.
The stamping was a bit too subtle over the blue phase, I can see it but not very clear for the camera. It was much clearer in the warm, pale grey, phase.
It's very cold here so I had to sit waiting anxiously for my hands to warm up before it got too dark to take photos, oh the dilemmas of a nail painting woman!
In the end I could not get a pure warm state photo, even the next day when it was a bit warmer but you get the idea, I hope!
Dixie Plate Love 2018
Dixie Plate Love 2018
 Dixie Plate Love 2018
 Dixie Plate Love 2018


  1. Beautiful! I love that stamping image. :D

    I'm always struggling with photographing thermal polishes too, but they make just washing your hands so delightful! I can't give that up!

    1. that is true, bath time is fun too!!
      Thanks Lisa xxx