Saturday 17 March 2018

26 Great Nail Art Ideas - French with a Twist

I really don't like a conventional French mani - they just don't look right on me and I think possibly even worse when my nails are a bit pointy. Anyway, I was quite pleased with how these turned out.
I had done a St Patrick's Day mani for a collaboration, and it occurred to me it might be quite cool to add the French mani to that.
For the St Patrick's Day mani I used Messy Mansion MM04XL with A England Saint George over Smitten Claddagh.
Then, I sponged A England Saint George over my tips. (Sponged because I didn't trust myself to paint neatly and consistently over all nails!)
Then I used used the same plate to stamp clovers with Messy Mansion Misty Jade over the dark tips. I did think this could end up being a real disaster but actually I think it worked out OK.
Messy Mansion MM04XL
Messy Mansion MM04XL
 Messy Mansion MM04XL
 Messy Mansion MM04XL


  1. Cute and perfect for St. Patty's Day. :)

    (I'm not a big fan of French Tips either. They seem to be the crutch of the professional woman.)