Friday, 30 March 2018

26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Pond Mani

This week's prompt was pond mani. I decided to go for something pretty and spring like so I chose Lina 4 Seasons - Spring 01.
I started with a dusky pink (slightly purple base) of Kiko 499
I used Avon Iceberg White for stamping and Kandy Colors Grape Much? for the purple jelly layers.
I am never sure if the final layer should be stamping or jelly but I did stamping, jelly, stamping, jelly, stamping and left the final stamp white. The colour difference between 1 and 2 layers of jelly wasn't huge so I thought I'd just end up with a purple mess if I added another jelly layer.
I took a chance on not top coating between stamping but was very careful applying the jelly layers so as not to smudge the stamping.
I didn't take step by step photos but I did take each nail to a different stage and then do a photo.
Finally, not part of the pond mani, I stamped a floral image from the same plate with A England Nocturne because it all seemed too bright and white. I chose a similar sized floral image and I think it worked well. I also added a matte top coat, just to see how it would look.
Lina 4 Seasons - Spring 01
Lina 4 Seasons - Spring 01
Lina 4 Seasons - Spring 01
Lina 4 Seasons - Spring 01 with additional stamping
Lina 4 Seasons - Spring 01
Pond Mani - Lina 4 Seasons - Spring 01

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