Sunday 26 August 2018

Beauty Big Bang XL Stamping Plate BBBXL-004

This is the 4th of 5 plates Beauty Big Bang sent me to review.
BBBXL-004 is a mixture of 14 images, each 14 x 24 mm in a variety of geometric designs. These are all quite general designs so I used this plate over a series of manis where colour of base was specified but the choice of stamping was entirely free. As a result all of these have appeared on my Instagram page over the last month or so.
Again I tried to vary the types of polish used to give a thorough test of the plates and used my clear stamper for all of them.

2 images stamped in white over a fanbrush mani.
Beauty Big Bang XL-004 with Powder Perfect White over fanbrush
 4 images stamped in pink over a blue base (these seem to be a bit of an optical illusion as its really not clear if its pink on blue or blue on pink - they really confused my camera! very strange)
Beauty Big Bang XL-004 with Virago Varnish Bug Bites over Virago Varnish She Cries Everyday
 2 images stamped in purple over an orange base
Beauty Big Bang XL-004  with Hit the Bottle Purple Reign over 'Ard As Nails Too Shy
 2 images stamped on purple over a fanbrush base
Beauty Big Bang XL-004 with Painted Polish Autumn Twilight 2.0
 1 image double stamped in Black and Neon green over a yellow base
Beauty Big Bang XL-004 with Wikkid Polish Club Tropicana and Painted Polish Midnight Mischief over Wikkid Polish Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny
 2 images stamped in dark blue over a smooshy base
Beauty Big Bang XL-004 with Painted Polish Deux 2.0

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