Sunday 19 August 2018

Born Pretty Manicure Set

Here is another item Born Pretty Amazon Store asked me to review, available here
This is a very pretty 3 part set which comes nicely boxed and in a lovely tin. It would make a great present for someone who has basic manicure needs.
The 3 items are multicoloured / multichrome so they really are very pretty.
The items in the set are a glass nail file, cuticle nippers and nail clippers.
The nipper and clippers are made of stainless steel, they are sharp, precise and well made. I don't tend to use cuticle nippers much but these are perfect for catching those annoying little bits of skin down the side of your nails (that you mustn't pull because they will hurt for days!!) and good for the occasional cuticle that does need trimming. They are quite small so easy to get into awkward areas.
The nail clippers are good too, nice and strong and easy to use, I am really very impressed with these 2 items and both come with a plastic cap to protect the sharp cutting edges.
The glass file is good too. I often use a rougher finish to take length off my nails but a file of this grade is perfect for everyday tidying up, leaving a lovely smooth edge to your nail.

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