Wednesday 4 December 2013

Christmas Nails - Candy Canes

Another Christmas Nails Challenge today - this time it is candy canes, which I think are more American but they always make me think of Christmas so we must have adopted it!
I am afraid these were less successful than the snowflakes, but I have to confess I did these first, and I am hoping over the course of the next few challenges I will see some improvement.
I did these over my Magic Goose Reindeer Dance mani, with Butter London British Racing Green base.
I used Barry M White and a Nails Inc red, I think it was the Kate Spade freebie, Big Red Apple.
I did 2 coats to get the white cane and then one coat for the red stripes, or blobs!!
I think the colours work well with the mani I had on, but definite room for improvement on painting skills!