Tuesday 10 December 2013

Christmas Nails - Gingerbread Men

The toughest challenge yet - gingerbread men! Not just because my painting skills are a bit woeful but also once you put eyes on a thing, they have a character, and some of my first run of gingerbread men looked just plain scary!
Anyway, stubborn as ever, I was determined not to be defeated, so I tried again. The 2nd attempt looked less like aliens, at least.
I used Nails Inc Hampstead Gardens for my gingerbread, Black Taxi for his eyes and BarryM White for his buttons.

Once I done them and taken a few pics, I decided they needed softening a little, like Mineral Veil helps soften a makeup look, hide wrinkles etc, so they have been (sugar)coated in TarasTalons #Nailmail, a very pretty and quite sheer pale pink holo.