Saturday 21 December 2013

Christmas Nails - Santa Hats

The latest nails challenge was Santa Hats.
I have done this over my most recent mani, which it turns out wasn't the best plan as its so dark.
I've used Nails Inc Big Apple Red, which is pretty opaque in one coat but maybe not over such a dark base. I used Barry M White for the bobble and the edging.
And yes, it is a fake tree, a lovely cheap fibre optic one I got in the John Lewis Sale about 12 years ago, but I reckon its pretty kitten proof!


  1. These look great, I actually like the contrast between the hats and the base colour! Also I really love those fiber optic trees.. Anything rainbow and glowy and I'm happy!! xx

    1. Thank-you!! I love my fibre optic tree too :) x