Tuesday 25 February 2014

Cabled Yoke Jacket

I seem to have knitted quite a lot of gloves recently, not all for myself - some friends now have lovely warm hands I hope!
But in the background in between the gloves I've been working on a new jacket for myself. I spotted the wool in Linen Direct, at a reasonably good price, and despite being on a wool ban, I liked the colour so much I bought  a couple of balls. It is Woolcraft Aran, comes in 400g balls and appears to be called Wayfarer although there is no name on the ball band, just a number.
It's a lovely yarn, 25% wool, a blue purple heathery shade.
Since I am not allowed to stockpile any more wool, I thought I'd better use it and I remembered a pattern I'd seen in one of my Sirdar books, Relaxed Weekend Living (345).
The pattern is called Women's Cabled Yoke Jacket.
Mostly it's pretty simple, a back, 2 fronts and 2 sleeves all in stocking stitch. The fun starts with the yoke, which is a 28 row cable pattern repeated 12 times but with short rows along the way to make the yoke curve. Sewing it all together was bit of a challenge, lining up the parts along the yoke but I got there and it's finished.
I haven't quite decided whether to sew some press studs and buttons on or get a shawl pin for it, I'm using a brooch at the moment to secure it since it has a purple stone that matches reasonably well.
I'm afraid photographing knitwear is not a skill of mine, and the mildewy fence is not the best backdrop but everywhere else outside was too wet.
So here it is, with a couple of close up shots, which actually show a truer colour than the others. On the whole I am pleased with the way this turned out, and it's lovely and warm. Perfect over a couple of layers at this time of year.

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