Tuesday 25 February 2014

Cross Stitch Cards - Valentine's Day

I do a bit of cross stitch occasionally. I am working on a Lesley Anne Ivory cat picture which is taking forever as I find I need the right light to do it but I do the odd card when I feel inspired.
I generally don't buy cards for my husband, so each year I try to think of something new for Valentine's.
Last year I did do hearts and it didn't get a post of its own, it sneaked in at the end of a nail varnish post.
This year I struggled to think of something a bit different and then it hit me, we have 2 cats, both boys admittedly, but maybe cats would be a nice idea. Our cats are tabbies, so I set out with my spreadsheet to create a simple stripey cat image.
So here it is, inspired by Tiger and Malteazer.

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