Monday, 15 September 2014

Emily's new super chunky jumper

My latest knitting project was for my daughter. I'd left some of my knitting books out, and she spotted them and requested a super chunky sweater.
The book was Sirdar Denim Knits (326) which includes 18 designs in Sirdar Denim, ranging from double knitting up to super chunky (Ultra).
I used Stylecraft Life Super Chunky in Silver for the pattern she chose. I thought when I ordered it  that it had a slight marl to it, like the Sirdar Denims, but it's actually a plain colour. Luckily Emily liked it anyway- although it's called Silver it is quite a warm shade and really suits her.
The pattern she chose was pretty simple, plain stocking stitch, with no rib so the edges curl up, a lovely big chunky cabled collar, and some shaping around the waist.
Knitted on 10mm needles it grew really quickly, taking less than a week and Emily was delighted with it.
My only difficulty was sewing it up neatly, I hate sewing up anyway but the stitches are so big, I found it quite a challenge to sew it neatly. Matching the collar up was a bit tricky too as it is knitted more like a scarf, and sewed on, rather than knitted as part of the main thing.
I don't usually like knitting such plain things but this was so quick to do, I rather enjoyed it and I love the huge cables on the collar. I am ready to adopt this one if she gets bored of it!


  1. That is a lovely job Debbie! I look forward to mitten time over here so I can wear your gorgeous creations again. Thanks!

    1. Woollies are the best thing about the cold weather, that and the Autumn colours :)