Wednesday 17 September 2014

Stamping again! Fancy Gloss Frozen Berries and Nails Inc Uptown Glamour

Well, here we go again, second attempt at stamping! I think I have the contrast better this time. I was wearing the utterly delicious Fancy Gloss Frozen Berries, and after taking some suggestions from my lovely facebook friends I have stamped using Nails Inc Uptown Glamour, the Kate Spade freebie from last year.
The plate I have used is Moyou London's Mother Nature Collection, number 07, which is a collection of leaf images, perfect for Autumn! I can think of many ways I want to try using this, as I practice stamping :)
I haven't really gone for any design as such, just wanted to test out the image, so basically one leaf on each nail, practicing placing the image, cleaning the stamp before transferring to the nail so I don't get half of another leaf too. Placing the image seems a bit tricky, and cleaning is a challenge, trying to do it quickly enough before the varnish is too dry to stamp, but I am still encouraged to continue, so not all bad!!
I love the images on this plate, and that some are solid, some just line images and delighted to see that, placement and tidiness aside, they transferred well, the detail is amazing!!

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