Wednesday 10 September 2014

Stamping! A England Lady of the Lake & Black Cat Teal Me About It

Well, it had to happen! Sooner or later I was going to give in to the urge to try stamping.
I wasn't too sure if I would blog this, my first official attempt at a stamped mani, but my blog runs like a diary of what's on my nails, and this is on my nails, so for better or for worse, this is todays's mani.
I have tried stamping before with some very cheap plates, I got frustrated and gave up, but last week I was lucky enough to try a decent plate, from Moyou London, thanks to a very kind friend. Encouraged by the relative success of some trial stampings with that plate, I ordered a few more.
The plate I have used today is from Moyou London's Mother Nature Collection, number 02 and it has a peacock on it, so I thought I'd try some feathers on my Teal mani from last week. As that mani was teal with a purple shimmer, I chose A England Lady of the Lake to stamp with. I used A England as they are probably the best one coat polishes I have and I have been told they stamp well.
Plenty more practice is obviously needed but I am not too disappointed with my first efforts, although I wish now I had chosen a darker polish as the contrast is a bit too subtle. It's OK to the naked eye but the photos lack clarity. The plate however is excellent, and the test stamp I did on a sheet of paper is very detailed.
Amusingly, my son asked why I had stamped fishbones on my nails, not having had the benefit of seeing the full plate!
 Moyou London Mother Nature 02


  1. Hi Debbie, this is a great sample of a first stamping mani. You're right, it needs a bit more contrast but those two polishes are fab, not surprised you went with them. Look forward to more stamping. I wish I had the oomph to try it...

    1. Thanks Maria, its really fun once you try! I've just had another go today, got a better contrast this time, although placement is a bit off xx

  2. Wow I think for a first stamping attempt you did an amazing job. I also think the stamped colour needed to be a touch darker or light to show up more, but you seem to have the nack of stamping done and the colours look beautiful. Also the stamping plate looks amazing! Stamping is one of the nail art methods I actually have the most trouble with but you've done so well :) xx

    1. Thank you Ithfifi, I have gone for a better contrast on my 2nd attempt, but it's such fun I do want to keep trying, when I have the time to deal with the mess I make!! xx