Friday 3 July 2015

July Challenges - Glitter / Patriotic

Today's challenge for #30daysofcolourchallenge was Glitter / Patriotic.
I wondered what I should do but then I remembered moving heaven and earth to get Nails Inc Jubilee, the limited edition red, silver and blue glitter, brought out for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012.
I used 2 coats which gave pretty good coverage. It has gone a bit gloopy and was very bumpy! I added 2 coats of top coat and even now after stamping and adding more top coat I can still feel the bumpy surface but it is a stunning glitter!
I stamped over it with DRK Cobogo 1 and Kleancolor Neon Sapphire. The overall finish looks good, the stamping is lovely and looks really good against the glitter but it was impossible to photograph. In the end I added another 2 coats of OPI Matte top coat and finally got a half decent picture. Note to self: don't test nice new stamping plates over bumpy glitter!
I think this looks pretty patriotic! red, white (silver) and blue covers quite a few countries so hopefully I'll get away with it!
Nails Inc Jubilee
Nails Inc Jubilee
Nails Inc Jubilee
DRK Cobogo 1 and Kleancolor Neon Sapphire


  1. I always wanted this one and never got my mitts on it, it looks beautiful on you xx

    1. thank you!! it's a shame it's gone gloopy but it is still pretty!