Wednesday 1 July 2015

Wiki'd Nails Challenge - Midas

This week's Wiki'd Nails Challenge was Midas so what else to do but gold nails!
I don't like gold nails but I've given it my best shot and even tried out one of my latest nail art fears, the blobbicure!
I decided I'd go with A England Holy Grail, the old one and the new one, to see how different they really are so I did gradients on 2 fingers and the thumb and blobbicures on the other 2 fingers. Despite not really liking these colours I was pretty pleased with what I did, not least that the blobbicure fear has been conquered.
Then to make sure they really were gold I added a coat of Nicole by OPI Twist of Fate, a pretty dense gold glitter - again, not a glitter I use a lot but I think it did the trick. I had however forgotten what a pain glitter can be to photograph, especially in the sun, so the pictures are not great.
I think the pre-glitter version is better, but there was no going back!
A England Holy Grail - old and new
A England Holy Grail - old and new
A England Holy Grail - old and new

A England Holy Grails and Nicole by OPI Twist of Fate

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  1. Cool! I always get a kick out of how different the same polishes are!