Friday 4 September 2015

A decision about the nature of my blog

Over the last year you will have noticed a change to my blog, ie. I got bitten by the stamping bug! I got into nail art and more recently started joining in with regular challenges. As a result I am posting far more often and I think the blog may be suffering, it is taking such a lot of time and as I have an almost full time job I think I need to scale down the nail art posts.
When I am doing a mani with a new polish, I still intend to do a full post but for daily challenges I think a very brief posting will suffice. This is not a decision I take lightly, I don't like feeling like I am giving up or letting readers down but I do have to be practical.
If you ever want more detail on any mani that I do, feel free to comment on the blog, message me on facebook, as Knitty X Nails or Knitty Nails, or comment on an Instagram post and I'll be happy to give you more information.


  1. Aww well I am happy to keep up with your posts via fb and instagram :) I know how hard it is to blog when working xx

  2. I'm in the same boat, I am going on holiday soon and starting a new job so I think I'll be more Instagram based as opposed to blog based xxx

    1. it's not an easy decision to make but the stats tell me I only get about 20 hits per blog post - good luck with the new job, not at all jealous!!

  3. It amazes me how you often you blog plus do nail art, have a life, and work all at the same time. What matters is your sanity, and not getting burned out. I think that I speak for more than just me when I say that we'll still be here in total support of you.

  4. I can understand your choice to scale back a bit! Personally I don't have the time to blog daily and get all the things done, so I can admire that you already do that and all the nail art! I will always be around ;)