Monday 14 December 2015

December Challenges - #manidaretoinspire

One of my IG friends, lovely Iva @secretjewelgarden tagged me for #manidaretoinspire
We had to chose a partner, send each other a picture and then create a mani inspired by the picture.
I paired up with talented @leonies_nailart and this is what we did.
I sent Leonie a photo of a sunrise that I had taken recently and Leonie sent me this amazing shot of a little shoot bursting through a crack in some tarmac.
Leonie did a fantastic watercolour style mani of my sunrise, it was so beautiful and not at all what I was expecting, which is perfect - these collaboration are wonderful for changing the way you think.
I struggled to think how I could represent the picture Leonie sent and in the end I just went with the colours.
I used a base of Kiko Sugar Mat 646, then I stamped some cracks with Yours Cosmetics Sacha Gossen YS12 and Esmaltes da Kelly Topolino
Then I added the swirly shrubs with Pueen SE04A and Esmaltes da Kelly Bruce and finally flowers from Messy Mansion MM20 and Esmaltes da Kelly Dolly.
I top coated after adding the grey cracks but left the final mani un-topcoated so it still had quite a rough feel, and matte finish.
Although I was nervous about this mani, in the end I was pretty proud of what I'd done and I think the final collage with Leonie's mani looks great.
Kiko Sugar Mat 646
Kiko Sugar Mat 646
Messy Mansion MM20
Messy Mansion MM20

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