Thursday 14 April 2016

April Challenges - Cities

Cities for #clairestelle8april - I decided to do the stained glass window from Coventry Catherdral as Coventry is where I was born and the Cathedrals (old and new) are the things I remember most about the city.
I used Pet'la Stained Glass and Petla Basics, with Colour Alike Kind of Black over a selection of Kandy Colors Jellies.
I think the idea was OK but it ended up a little on the dark side.
Pet'la Stained Glass
Pet'la Stained Glass
Pet'la Stained Glass and Pet'la Basics
Pet'la Stained Glass and Petl'a Basics


  1. Fun fact - my dad was one of a group of apprentices that built the wooden table in an alcove of the new cathedral. Beautiful mani! It really resembles the glass window :)

    1. oh really!! that is cool Jo!! good to meet a fellow Coventry girl! thank you, glad you like it!!