Friday 15 September 2017

26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Autumn

This weeks prompt was Autumn. I do love Autumn - despite not liking yellow or orange I love a good autumn leaves mani!
I was already wearing a dark red base, with some subtle red stamping so I went straight on top of that. I wasn't entirely sure how many layers I was going to do but I just kept going until I was happy with what I had done.
I used UberChic Lovely Leaves and started with Esmaltes da Kelly Bee. It's not a yellow I particularly like but it always seems to work well in an autumn mani.
Then I used Colour Alike Scary Pumpkin with the same plate. I do love this polish despite its annoying shimmeriness which makes clean up impossible!
Finally I added Esmaltes da Kelly Frogger, with two different images from the same plate again.
Uber Chic Lovely Leaves
Uber Chic Lovely Leaves
Uber Chic Lovely Leaves


  1. Love these! You are the multi stamping master. Funny, I love yellow & orange, but I only tend to wear purple when its an occasion/prompt.

    1. Thanks Kim, it is funny how people like different things but then other people will love something on me that I hate, and vice versa - funny old world :)