Friday 1 September 2017

26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Dotting tools but not just dots

"Oh dear" I thought! I don't like dotting tools at the best of times, and having to do something more creative than dots...The only think I use my dotting tools for is touching up manis where a bit of colour is missing, or for leadlighting or reverse stamping when a brush doesn't seem to do the trick.
Anyway, stop moaning and just do the mani!
I did a fanbrush mani with black, white and yellow (no, I won't moan anymore - you know I hate yellow!)
I used Oriflame Sundance as the base and then fanbrushed Nails Inc New York Noir and Avon Iceberg White on either side.
Then I used the dotting tools to add white dashes to the black side and black dashes to the white, and then finally added a few small dots too.
It wasn't a huge success, the polishes were nearly empty so a bit sticky but to be honest I quite liked the end result in a grungy, graffiti kind of way!


  1. I like the grungy nails, the prompts make us try things we wouldn't have usually tried which is good :)

    1. That's true, I need a good shove out of my comfort zone !