Friday 24 November 2017

26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Reciprocal Gradient

Oh! the reciprocal gradient, it fascinates and intrigues me but I really can't be bothered with faff of doing the gradient one day and then having to wait until the second day to do the wretched striping tape or vinyl part only to discover it is a messy disaster.
Last time I did one, it occurred to me that surely I should be able to use stamping to achieve a similar effect, and I did actually try it but that was 2 years ago
So here we are, I am trying for stamped reciprocal gradient, but just with 2 colours - I think 3 was too many!!!
I used Princess Nail Lacquer Gangrene (beautiful khaki green) and Sewage (gorgeous warm grey)
I chose these 2 as a reasonable contrast to each other and also because I knew I could stamp with them.
So I did my gradient (no photos because they are never that good!) and then stamped using Dixie Plates Autumn 01. I really wanted to use an image other than just a stripe but obviously anything too complex could just end up looking messy and indistinct. I have to say, I am quite pleased with the way it turned out.
They were a bit tricky to photograph, the weather was bad, lighting was terrible and I still got annoying reflections so I resorted to matte top coat although they looked so much better glossy.
Dixie Plates Autumn 01
Dixie Plates Autumn 01
  Dixie Plates Autumn 01
 Dixie Plates Autumn 01

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