Thursday 28 February 2013

Catrice Pool Party at Night and China Glaze Bling it on

Well, I got my hands on 4 of the China Glaze Glitz Bitz 'n Pieces, having convinced myself all 6 was excessive and 2 were quite similar to ones I already have.
It's Hazy Lazy Summer Days week in the facebook group and I had a new Catrice to try out. I thought Pool Party at Night would be quite suitable, and a good base for the blue CG (Mosaic Madness) but actually Mosaic Madness is a bright blue, slightly toward teal and Pool Party Blue leaning to indigo, so I decided to go with the purple Bling it On instead.
Here is the Catrice, it is a lovely creamy formula although I found the brush a bit tricky to start with, they have quite short fat brushes, and I did start with far too much on the brush, even after wiping one side on the bottle. I got the hang of it though and I think its a lovely wearable blue, not as vibrant as something like Baker Street but very beautiful, and does have the slightest hint of purple, which actually makes it all the more lovely.
Then I added China Glaze Bling It On, a stunning selection of black & purple hexes and fine glitter and black bar glitter. Unfortunately I think that Pool Party was just a bit too dark to do this glitter justice and I probably need to try again over something paler. I was pleased with the result but the purple glitter was a bit lost against the blue, and I struggled to capture it on camera. 
You can see the purple glitter on 3 of the above shots but not that its purple, it looks more blue I think.
I tried another couple of pics today since the sun decided finally to come out, so here they are, with a bit of tip wear. I think you can now see that the glitter is purple, and that my cuticles are very dry - my own fault for using a harsh polish remover in my impatience to get one glitter off and the next one on.

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