Tuesday 12 February 2013

Leighton Denny Little Thief

Today I am wearing one of my favourite pinks. I am not a pinky pink person, when it comes to light colours I prefer nude shades but when I came across this one I fell in love. Little Thief is a dusky pink, and I have it stored in the nudes section of my collection. I also have Leighton Denny Whatever, which is a similar tone but a shade lighter. I love them both.
I got this in a box set with In the Buff, which I wore and blogged a couple of weeks back.
I used 2 coats and coverage was perfect.
Pictured here, with my matching Aran sweater. I think it was this sweater and polish combi that the children at school noticed in their knitting lessons, and commented on that started this idea of trying to match my nails to my knitwear.
I had actually been planning to do a gradient manicure over this, had it all planned out, even done a dry run but it just wasn't working for me today, and so I just did a full coat of A England She Walks in Beauty. She Walks in Beauty is an interesting combination of pink hexagons of glitter in a gold shimmery base and until I had done my dry run I wasn't sure about pink and gold, but I'm pleased with the result. Gradient manicure will have to wait.
First picture indoors with flash, second outside in daylight with snow :)

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