Thursday 7 February 2013

Nails Inc Porchester Square

This is a varnish that I absolutely love, it goes with everything, paints on beautifully and its just perfect.
I had all sorts of things planned for this week, it being Orange week in the facebook group but a job opportunity meant that maybe orange wasn't the thing to wear.
When I used to work, I didn't paint my nails, I just kept them out of sight but once I got into nails I decided very early on Porchester Square would be the perfect interview/meeting varnish. Its a beautiful soft slightly pinky nude, which I prefer to the warmer toffee shades.
And once again, I don't have any nude/beige gloves so its modelled here with grey gloves.
I then had a little play around with A England She Walks In Beauty, and having managed to survive a ring finger manicure last week I have now done another one. I am still not sure it is my style but I felt quite comfortable with it. (But I did redo it back to normal for my meeting!)
This is a beautiful glitter, pink hexagon glitter glitter in a gold shimmery base. I am not keen on gold on nails but this is very subtle and goes well with the nude, in my opinion.


  1. Porchester is so pretty, it looks great with the accent nail, really cute...THERE IS A FACEBOOK GROUP!!!! for nail painting?....Can I join? x

  2. its called "All things nails"

    I think you'll see a few familiar faces!! if you can't find it, send me a friend request and I'll try and add you :)