Friday 14 June 2013

OPI Russian Navy

Today is my son's birthday, so I let him chose a colour. Rather predictably he chose dark purple, so I checked my spreadsheet for dark purples that hadn't been tried yet, and there were none! Then I remembered OPI Russian Navy, I showed him the bottle - oh yes that one!
Russian Navy is a gorgeous navy with a pink/purple shimmer which is more apparent to the naked eye than these pics show and I should probably list this as a blurple on my spreadsheet.
Interestingly the first coat was quite streaky and looked more like a green blue, but the second coat just brought it all to life and it is just stunning. I am hoping it will meet with my son's approval, it certainly meets with mine.
OPI Russian Navy



  1. What a gorgeously saturated colour. Happy birthday your son :)

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  3. Wow that looks amazing on you Debbie! x