Monday 16 September 2013

Sirdar Boa Long Cardigan

This is a project that has taken far too long to finish. I rarely run two knitting projects at once but I started this way back in the winter, and then a number of different people asked me to make things for them so I kept setting it aside. Most of it got completed at a friends house as we used to have knitting and crafting get togethers and it was an easy one to take and get on with whilst chatting since it was a fairly straightforward pattern. However if you've ever knitted with anything like Sirdar Boa you will know its almost impossible to count rows or see dropped stitches, so it may possibly not be perfect, it's probably not symmetrical, but I think I'll get away with it (the control freak in me decided to take a step back and just let it be).
The pattern is actually for a Sirdar Denim DK, so the form of the cardigan should be more defined. It's just a simple stocking stitch (I have a preference for cables so I think that's why my commitment to this was a bit lacking).
Anyway, just before the kids broke up for summer, my crafting friend asked if I'd finished it yet - sad face, I said "no, not yet" but I dug it out to show her and realised I had actually sewn it all together (that's the bit I hate most) and the only work that was needed was the edging and button holes. We looked at it, I tried it on and decided that actually, trying to pick up hundreds of edging stitches would be challenging, and unnecessary. I also decided that the way this knitting falls, there was no way I'd ever wear it buttoned from top to bottom, one button at the top would do, so it was actually very nearly finished.
Well, then came the summer holidays and no time ever to sit down and get on with it, I finally picked it up and put the button on today! (Mid September!!) so here it is!
The pattern is from Sirdar Denim Knits ( a selection of 18 patterns in Denim DK, Aran, Chunky and Ultra). This pattern is a DK pattern, so the same tension as Boa, and I had stacks of Boa from a pot luck order I had placed a few years back, and I couldn't find any Boa patterns I liked, apart from ones I had already knitted from this excessive stash, (daughter and sister both have ruby red Boa cardigans!) so I thought I'd give this a go.
Now that it is finally finished I am really pleased with it, for a pot luck order the colour of the wool is gorgeous, and its perfect for Autumn. This is a really warm wool too, I have another Boa cardigan that I made years back and it is always super snuggly, so the timing for finishing this is great.

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  1. The cardi looks fab. The colour and texture are just perfect for the season. Your knitting is amazing.