Thursday 12 September 2013

The end of summer...

I love the summer, love the warm weather, pretty dresses, sandals and painted toenails. Love wearing sunglasses, drinking cold beer, soaking up the sun.
I hate being cold or wet but there are things I like about winter:- out come all my lovely woollies and I can move safely back to my dark and neutral nail varnishes. Last year I stuck to them all year round but this year I made a huge effort because there are some real beauties out there and who wants to read a blog about me wearing dark nail varnishes every day!!

So this is just a short post, me thinking out loud as it were, as the weather gets colder, and a quick pic of the darkest dark there is and one of my favourite green cardigans! Just look how glossy this is and this is with no top coat!

Nails Inc Black Taxi
Nails Inc Black Taxi

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