Wednesday 3 June 2015

June Challenges - Red

There were 2 challenges today and I couldn't see how to combine them so I've done 2 separate posts. How unlucky was I to get red and silver on the same day, apart from yellow, these are probably my least favourite colours for nails!!
Anyway, this is for #clairestelle8june, the prompt was red so I took a deep breath and painted my nails with Nails Inc St James. This is a lovely red creme with a very subtle shimmer, it has the tiniest hint of blue which does make it more attractive to me but still, red nails are just not me! I am braver than I was with reds and there are some reds I will wear but full on red like this, sorry but no :(
I decided I'd try a fan brush mani over this red but as I was not 100% confident how it would turn out I added a layer of glitter first, that way if the fan brush was a full blown disaster I'd still have something to post!
I chose Reindeer Dance by Magic Goose, one of the UK Indie polishes sadly no longer available. Reindeer Dance has a clear base and is packed with various different sized hexes and some square glitters in reds, silver and black. It is so pretty and goes really nicely over a red base. It doesn't take much to make red wearable :)
Finally I did the fan brushing. I was going to use Avon Cherry Jubilee but the contrast over St James wasn't great enough so I started with MUA Whitewash, and then added Cherry Jubilee. I did not top coat between layers, so I ended up with a rather nice raspberry pink - happy accident :)
I certainly need to practice this technique, I don't think I splayed the bristles out enough but I do like the end result, the colour is much more me :) and you can still see the glitter too which is cool.
Nails Inc St James
Nails Inc St James
Magic Goose Reindeer Dance
Magic Goose Reindeer Dance 
fan brush mani with Avon Cherry Jubilee
and MUA Whitewash

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