Tuesday 27 October 2015

October Challenges - Ghosts

The challenge for #clairestelle8oct was Ghosts. Well I have no ghostie stamping plates due to my stubborn refusal to buy seasonal plates so I had to think outside the box. Whilst trawling through my plates in case a ghostie was hiding, it struck me maybe a ghost looked a bit like a paisley? so I invested Sunday afternoon in creating paisley decals using Messy Mansion MM 48 and Loja BBF 18.
I stamped using Hit the Bottle Snowed Under and then coloured the image in using Nails Inc When Doves Cry so that when applied to the nail the paisley image would be solid.
I peeled them off the Uber Mat, cut them out as carefully as possible and hid them safely on my messy desk ready for this morning.
I wore the previous mani yesterday for my trip to London and then set about the ghost mani this morning. Firstly I stamped a paisley pattern from Messy MM 48 with Nails Inc When Doves Cry over the blue base to create a subtle ghostly background.
Then I top coated each nails and added a decal. I think it worked reasonably well and no tucking the edges under as I had already cut them small enough. Once they were top coated and dry I used a dotting tool to add the face, top coated again and they were done. Finally I added matte top coat which made them a lot easier to photograph.
Messy Mansion MM48 and Nails Inc When Doves Cry
Messy Mansion MM48 and Nails Inc When Doves Cry


  1. How darn creative and cute! I love the paisley ghosts!!!

  2. The base colour and patterning already was so cool! But the way the ghosts are too vividly white but have a greyish tinge to them made them look very artistically done as well.