Thursday 22 October 2015

October Challenges - Pumpkins (again)

The #daysofcolourchallenge was Pumpkins. Now I already did pumpkins earlier in the week and I was moaning that I only had one pumpkin plate. A kindly soul suggested I did them freehand - what!?!? but she very helpfully pointed me to the work of Kelli Dobrin, and her video on You Tube.
Kelli did this super cute, super simple mani with pumpkins and I have failed miserably to copy it!!!
I'll stick to stamping and just vary the colours in future I think!! or buy another plate.
I started with a base of Leighton Denny Morning Dew, a lovely minty green,
Then, having decided freehanding onto my nails was bound to be a disaster, I made decals using Nails Inc Instyle Peach Sorbet, Nails Inc Atomic and Nails Inc Hampstead Gardens.
It all went as well as could be expected but instead of looking super cute they just look un-inspiring.
I wouldn't have posted them at all but since I said I was doing them I thought I'd better. I am certainly not posting the unedited version! It took some effort with sharpies and Kandy Colors jellies to get them looking remotely like pumpkins!!
Well, you know when you do a mani and you can't bear to take it off - this is NOT one of those moments :(

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