Friday 19 February 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Red Squares

I combined a couple of challenges today. When I saw I had to do Red with Squares for #40greatnailartideas and a Pond Mani for #wnac2016 I was sure they were meant to go together.
The only problem was a red jelly! I have a selection of lovely neon jellies but the only reds I have are an un-named Nellie polish with glitter and Danglefoot Bra Off Hair Up which is also holo.
The Nellie had dried up and although I added some thinners it was struggling to be opaque enough so I switched after the first 2 coats to the holo.
I had a bit of a challenge trying to isolate some squares from DRK Cobogo 1 with Colour Alike Kind of White and the end result was rather random but not a disaster, I did 2 layers of squares and I have included a pic of each stage.
Then I added overlapping outlines of squares using Pet'la Plate Kaboom and Barry M Black Cherry.
It all does look rather pink but I was rather pleased with it - no - actually, I loved it!!!

Updated: I agonized over this not being red enough and in the end added another layer - Messy Mansion Symetrika 05 and Esmaltes da Kelly Joana.
Pond Mani
Pet'la plate Kaboom
Red Squares (pink!)
 Pet'la plate Kaboom

Messy Mansion Symetrika 05 and Esmaltes da Kelly Joana
Red Squares!
 Messy Mansion Symetrika 05 and Esmaltes da Kelly Joana

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