Friday 12 February 2016

February Challenges - Love letters

Today's prompt for #wnac2016 was Love letter - I don't have any plates with writing on but I figured if I was sending a love letter to my husband I'd have to write about the things he loves so here we go with science, maths and coffee.
I used  Moyou London Scholar 01, Vivid Lacquer VL017 and Moyra 13 Sweet Dreams with Barry M Black Currant all over a coffee looking smooshed base of Barry M Pitstop, Attitude Masking Tape and Jacava Cappuccino Cream and some hearts stamped with A England Briar Rose and UberChic UC4-02.
I did add a matte top coat but then I went and dented 3 of the nails before they had dried, so I only have a shot of the ring finger.

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