Thursday 24 March 2016

March Challenges - Rainbow glitter placement

Rainbow glitter placement for #wnac2016 - I think I should have gone with my first instinct which was to skip this one! I didn't have any loose glitter or any polishes with large enough glitter to move around so I decided maybe I could get away with using nail stencils to control where the glitter went.
I used Smart Nail Stencils P053, because it looks a bit like a rainbow and Glam Polishes Tickled Pink, Which Witch? and Patty O'Green.
I decided, perhaps not that wisely, to make decals ahead of time to make it easier ... ?? maybe not.
Anyway, I painted my nails black, and applied the decals. They were too brittle so they did not apply particularly well and no amount of top coat would make them sit nicely.
The pictures look passable but they felt awful - I really need to work out where I am going wrong with these.
(and because I took a picture of the sorry little things, you get to see them before they went on my nails - looking all innocent in their box!)
rainbow glitter!

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