Thursday 14 March 2013

A England Jane Eyre

This is a beautiful polish but a swine to capture on camera. I went through deleting all the pictures that just looked black and didn't end up with many!
Jane Eyre is a blackened red, and to the naked eye the red shimmer is beautiful. It is one of five Gothic Beauties brought out last year by A England. I didn't buy all 5, and in most lights the 3 I have do look very similar, particularly this one and Ophelia. This polish has a beautiful consistency and 2 coats gave full coverage.
The flash photo makes my hand look deathly white but does give a good impression of what this polish looks like when the light catches it.
Under a daylight bulb...
A few shots which begin to capture its beauty offset against a woolly I am currently working on...
 And finally a couple of shots I took the next day when the sun came out, hooray!!!
I love dark nails so despite my failure to capture the red, I do still like this but can't help thinking that this and the other 2 Gothic Beauties I have are actually like having 3 blacks.

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