Tuesday 19 March 2013

OPI Can't Let Go - with top coats

Had a bit of fun playing around with top coats on this one, not sure it really added anything much but it's always worth a try.
I was a bit concerned that the Liquid Sands do start to lose their colour after a day or so, it didn't chip or get particularly noticeable tip wear but some of the glitter started to go silver, as it did with Stay The Night.
It is "Matte it up" week in the facebook group, so obviously I had to see what a matte top coat would do.
I had already posted a pic of the varnish there anyway since technically this is a matte polish (its not shiny).
The matte top coat really did soften the whole effect, the glitter lost its sparkle and the varnish took on a look more similar to the Nails Inc concrete finishes. There are some Liquid Sands that don't have glitter but I haven't seen them in the flesh yet so I can't compare. At some point I should try this again on fresh mani to see if it helps the glitter keep its colour, but once I had "matted" it, I added my normal top coat. It still looked bumpy, but felt much smoother, and I probably could have got a smoother look with a 2nd coat.
I think it looked best before I started messing around.
So here are the pics...with no top coat
With the matte top coat
With the normal glossy top coat

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