Thursday 21 March 2013

OPI Lights of Emerald City - swatches

I've sat on this blog for a few  days trying to decide how to phrase my opinions fairly, and after all they are just my opinions.
I thought this looked lovely when I first saw swatches of it, so I was really excited to try it.
I spent a long time deciding what to try underneath it and decided to try a range of pretty pastel shades that I thought would tone nicely with the pretty squares of glitter in this polish. There seem to be all sorts of pretty colours in this jelly base- blue, pink, green, gold as well as the matte white squares.
I chose Nails Inc Belgravia Gardens, Instyle Peach Sorbet and Instyle Power Pink, and OPI I Don't Give a Rotterdam and Thanks a Windmillion.
So here is the bottle - looking very pretty..
And the nails, all nicely prepared
I really struggled to get the white squares out, when I removed the brush from the bottle I either had too few or too many and by the time I had wiped the brush on one side they were all gone. Then in trying to build them up on the nail I ended up with far too much varnish and messing around with positioning smudged the lower layer, particularly noticeable on the thumb and  index finger.
All the little squares of iridescent glitter are so pretty but I don't like the white squares, after spending so long fishing them out.
I am quite pleased with the choices I made for the base but the white is just not to my taste. Thus is the result.
I added a matte top coat to see if I liked it any better, the pictures look quite nice I think but again, its just not me. The matte effect worked well and I'm glad I've tried this but not sure I'll try again :(
As I said at the beginning, they are just my views, I still think this is a lovely polish but not for me.


  1. I really love the look of it over the InStyle Peach, and actually over any pale colour I think it would look lovely and ethereal, but I couldn't be faffing around with fishing/placement etc., so I don't think I'll be buying it :( xx

  2. indeed! - too much faffing! hoping to move it on to some-one who will love it