Monday 15 April 2013

New gloves for "nude" nails

Last week, as I think I mentioned, it was "Witwooo Rudey Nudey week" at All Things Nails, in other words nude nail varnishes, and whilst discussing what gloves I would wear with my nude nails I realised I don't have any gloves to match my nude shades. So I had a sort through my stash and found some Aran Marl wool, no idea of the brand, and dug out a pattern I had used before, another download from Ravelry to remedy this situation.
I used a pattern by Karin Crelling, called Cable - O's, which is an interesting pattern as it has no gusset for the thumb. You just knit about 6 stitches onto a waste yarn and then carry on knitting the rest of the glove. At the end you unpick the waste yarn and knit the thumb from the loose stitches above and below (12) so the thumb sticks out at right angles.
I thought this sounded a bit odd the first time I did it but it's fine, no problems at all, and I discovered an added bonus, if it's really cold you can turn the gloves round and wear them "upside down" so they cover more of your fingers - cool eh!!
They have cables too and I love cables, and you knit them in the round, so no sewing up afterwards - perfect!!
Cabled gloves - the right way round
Cabled gloved - reversed so they cover more of my fingers

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